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Shibui Creafted Drinks

  • Plum Wine $4.95 / $22
  • Sour Apple Sake $6.95
  • Plum-Ko $6.95

    Fresh fruit punch made with plum wine

  • Sake-tuyo $6.95

    Japanese margarita made with Sake

  • Blue Raspberry Sake $6.95
  • Mango margarita Sake $6.95
  • Sake-Zero $4.95

    A Sake Martinin

  • Hot Sake $7.00

    Enjoy 😉

Champange & Sparkling wine

  • Perrir Jouet $75

    Grand Brut, France

  • Mumm $35

    Brut, Prestige, Rose, California

  • Pommert $18

    Pop (187mL), France

White Wine

  • Robert Mondavi $22

    Chardonnay, Private Selection, California. Fresh, soft, ripe with subtle hints of spice and oak

  • Ferrari Carano $30

    Chardonnay, Sonoma. A rich and elegant Chardonnay full of flavor with hints of melon and oak. Well balanced with a long satisfying finish

  • Villa Maria $26

    Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand. Clean, crisp, full of bright, fruity, flavors. Great with seafood and fish

  • Bluefeld $22

    Riesling, Germany. Full of bright, fresh fruit aromas and flavor. Medium bodied and easy to drink.

  • Santa Margherita $34

    Pino Grigio, Italy. The number one pino Grigio in the word. Clean, crisp, smooth, and full of fruit

  • Chauteu Ste Michelle $22

    Riesling, Columbia Valley

Red Wine

  • Rodney Strong $24

    Merlot, Sonoma. Supple in texture, with rose petal and fruit aromas. Lively, medium bodied and a long, smooth finish

  • Franciscan $39

    Chardonnay, Sonoma. A rich and elegant Chardonnay full of flavor with hints of melon and oak. Well balanced with a long satisfying finish

  • Ruta 22 $22

    Merlot, Sonoma. Supple in texture, with rose petal and fruit aromas. Lively, medium bodied and a long, smooth finish

  • Cellar 8 $22

    Pinot Noir, California. A stylish Pinot Noir with jammy and earthy notes and a hint of spice on the nose

  • Louis Latour $36

    Pinot Noir, France. Bright and slightly fruity with flavors of raspberry. Nice roundness with a little spice. Great with Chicken and Fish

  • Jacob’s Creek Reserve $21

    Displays ripe plum flavors with a little spiciness balanced with soft tannins.

  • Simi $30

    Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma County. Hints of cedar, chocolate and toasty oak notes frame bright fruit of red cherry, black plum and cranberry.

Cold Sake

  • Hananomai, Jun-Mai-Ginjo $18

    Using only the purest water from Mt. Fuji Dry and light

  • Hatsumago, Jun-Mai-Shu $18

    Winner of gold award eight times in the last ten years. A distinctive body and mid flow. Smooth and fades with a crisp, refreshing end

  • Nakagawa $42

    Sake Pure Grain Junmai. Full-bodied flavor with distinct Moromi aromas; mild dryness with a hint of spicy sweetness in the background. Excellent with slightly heaver foods such as crispy tempura, peppery sauces, grilled chicken and fish.

  • Kiminoi Junmai Yamahai $30

    This is an Junmai Ginjo, rich aromas, complex, bold flavors of mushroom, squash, pumpkin and créme brulee. Finishes with an elegant zing. The traditional Yamahai process is used for preparing the yeast starter, which creates a deep, rich, full bodied flavors. Gentle acidity and dry. Alcohol 16-17%.

  • Yukikage Snow Shadow $22

    A junmai with light, soft, smooth taste yet a tight, compact delivery. Aroma of green apple, bamboo, apricot and rice pudding, maple syrup and caramel. Alcohol 14-15%.

  • Miyashita Treasure Ship Junmai Ginjo Sake $25

    Delivers scent of refreshing sweetness, which spread into an unbelievable bouquet of cherry blossoms with a hint of grain alcohol. Crispy with notes of pear. Take a sip and feel the razor-sharp smoothness. Its first contact so light and pure, like that of premium flower tea.

  • Ten To Chi Heaven & Earth $33

    Junmai Daiginjo. Dry and complex. Clean and refinade. Crisp, clean, elegance of the sky together with deep and rich body of the earth. Light aroma of chestnuts, rice, soil, toast, brown sugar and raisins.

  • Kitsukura Master’s Pride Junmai Daiginjo $85

    Supreme refinement and quality. Subtle and pristine sake, followed by a razor smooth, slightly earth and dignified flavor.

  • Ginoubai, Plum Sake $57

    $9 glass. To express the taste in one phrase “Sweet and Elegant” Unlike the average plum sake which often has heavy taste. Ginkoubai offers a lighter harmony of flavor between sweet and sour

Nigori Sake

Nigori or cloudy sake is a sake that has been roughly filtered allowing some of the rice salads back into the final brew. the resulting sake is milky white and is generally on the sweet side.

  • Ozeki Nigori Sale $14

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  • Homare Strawberry Nigori $19

    Sweet and delicious full of rich strawberries flavor.

  • Sawa Sawa Sparkling Nigori Sake $17

    Sparkling Junmai Nigiri-sake brewed using rice and rice malt only

  • Tomoshichi Nigori Sake $30

    A real gem, this Nigori typ[e sake is relatively mild and light which is not a characteristic found in most Nigori style sake. Full of floral and nice aroma, it ends with a sharp, satisfying finish. A semi-dry and smooth choice

  • Honjozo Nigori Sake “Sacred Mist” $22

    Produced the traditional way where raw, unfiltered sake is put through only a very rough filter. This method creates a well-balanced, slightly acidic sake with a delicious, subtle sweetness.


  • Koshihikari Echigo Rice Beer $7
  • Asahi Super Dry $5
  • Sapporo 12oz $5.5
  • Sapporo Light $5.5
  • Kirin Ichiban $5.5
  • Kirin Light $5.5
  • Heineken $5.5
  • Miller Light $5
  • Kawaba “Sunrise ale” $7.5
  • Kawaba “Snow Wizen” $7.5

Valentine's Day Menu

$80 For 2 PPL

*Excl Tax & Gratuity

Choice of one selection per course 


  • Miso or Clear Soup
  • Garden Salad with Ginger Dressing


  • Gyoza (4 Pieces)
  • Vegetable Spring Rolls

Sushi Roll

Main Course

  • Chiken Teriyaki Dinner
  • Chicken Katsu Dinner


  • Prosseco 375 ml
  • Nigori Sake 375 ml