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Since 1981, we've been crafting exquisite dining experiences that transcend the ordinary.

About Shibui

Shibui is more than a restaurant – it’s a journey into the heart of fusion cuisine. Nestled in the vibrant city of Miami, we blend the rich traditions of Japanese and Peruvian gastronomy, serving premium dishes in an enchanting establishment.



2477 Briercliff Road,
New York 10001


+1 212-203-7540

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“Shibui is a culinary masterpiece. The fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavors is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. The ambiance is enchanting, and the service is impeccable.”

James L., Food Critic

“Every visit to Shibui is a journey of flavors. The dishes are exquisite, and the drinks selection is outstanding. It’s my go-to place for special occasions.”

Maria S., Regular Guest

“The attention to detail at Shibui is remarkable. From the beautifully presented dishes to the carefully curated drinks menu, every aspect of the dining experience is a delight.”

Robert D., Gastronomy Enthusiast

“Shibui’s takeout service is a lifesaver. The same premium dishes I love, enjoyed from the comfort of my home. It’s the perfect blend of convenience and luxury.”

Emma T., Local Resident

“Shibui is a timeless gem in Miami. Their commitment to quality is evident in every bite. The fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavors is simply indescribable.”

Anthony R., Food Blogger

“I’ve been dining at Shibui since the ’90s, and the quality has never wavered. It’s a testament to their dedication to culinary excellence. Truly a must-visit for any food lover.”

Linda M., Long-Time Patron

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2477 Briercliff Road,
New York 10001


+1 212-203-7540